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How Our Professional Working Parents Gently Teach Their Babies to Sleep Through The Night,

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We decided to join the Helping Babies Sleep Program and work with Dr. Sarah when our son was between 5 and 6 weeks of age. We could not get him to sleep independently on his own in his bassinet or his crib, but only find sleep in our arms. We were exhausted and overwhelmed and didn't know how much longer we could sustain this and were we failing some ways as parents because he wouldn't sleep on his own for even an hour. The tools in the program helped us enormously. By 16 weeks he was sleeping totally in his crib by himself and woke up once to eat. By 20 weeks he was sleeping totally through night for 11, and sometimes 13 hours at night. We think this is a huge win and huge success and looking back there was no way we would have gotten here on our own.  We've learned a lot of tools and renewed our own sense of confidence. We feel like we know what his needs are. I would recommend this program for anyone struggling with naps in the crib or night waking.  There is no shame in seeking outside help. We are so grateful for the coaching we received in this journey.

Lauren P

"I got in touch when she was 8 weeks old.  I was having to hold her for all naps and was really drowning. Within a few days of starting working with Sarah my daughter was taking naps in her bassinet and by a week or two in she was able to put herself to sleep.  By 14 weeks she was sleeping through the night with a dreamfeed and putting herself to sleep for naps and putting herself back to sleep if she woke up in the middle of the night.  I was so proud of her. Working with Sarah was one of the best parenting decisions I have made so far.  Not only did she help me teach my little one how to sleep but she really gave me the confidence in my parenting abilities and trusting my instincts.  She helped me to better understand my little one and her needs so we were able to move out of survival mode and focus on bonding and building a relationship and get into the good parts of parenting. I will forever and ever be grateful for this experience. This has been the most amazing gift I could have given myself." Lauren B, 8 week old baby

Lauren B

"We were hesitant about sleep training our 3.5 month old, Avi, given he was so young, but we were in a really bad place and needed a solution. After working with Sarah we got incredible results! We went from having to rock our son in our arms (standing up no less!) with a pacifier and putting him in a rock and play that rocked all night long, to being able to put him in his crib and having him fall asleep on his own!


“I had to rock or feed her at every wake up! I was exhausted but not sure how to make the right change for my baby. Sarah at Helping Babies Sleep was very warm and understanding and listened to my concerns. She  knew I did not want my baby to feel abandoned or hungry at night and came up with a plan that was not only good for my baby but for everyone at home.”

REBECCA S. — California, CA

"When we called Sarah we were all sleeping the night in the same bed and our 7 month old was still napping in a moving swing… None of us were sleeping very well and we were all so tired. We knew it had to change but wanted it to be a gentle transition. To our amazement it went surprisingly well and our son now sleeps through the night!! I would never have dreamed we’d be where we are today in only a few days!"

LISA M. — Ottawa, ON

"Sarah gave us options based on our family history and our baby’s temperament and development. She taught us about age-appropriate feeding schedules and awake times. Not only does she now settle herself beautifully for nighttime and naps (with no pacifier!), but she has become more independent during her waking hours as well. Most importantly, our baby is still as happy and securely attached as ever. If you are struggling with sleep, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah. She knows her stuff and her methods work. Now that our coaching is complete, we feel confident using the techniques Sarah taught us and are so proud of our baby – and of ourselves as parents!